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An Intern’s Story of Brand Management

Hello Esteemed Readers, As Kickify’s first apprentice, I’d like to share a little bit…well, a lot, about me, your Fearless Intern. As a company, you already know that you have to have guts to change your brand. That’s why you are here, part of this Kickify movement. You also have to have a lot of […]

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Boost Your Social Media For The Holidays

The holidays are approaching faster than any of us would like to even admit! As of today there are only 10 Fridays until Christmas! TEN! The holidays can be the busiest time of year for most businesses! Let Kickify help boost your social media for the holidays so you can spend more time doing what you […]

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Break all the Hashtag RULES!

I love a good creative hashtag. When Facebook introduced hashtags I was probably the only one jumping for joy! If you’re not sure what a hashtag is, let me explain! A hashtag is a viral tag that is used on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To create a hashtag all you […]

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Google & realtors failed my SERP adventure today

While searching on Google for terms such as “horse farm for rent ” and “mini farm rental” , I got nothing but “for sale” in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  Not one was for rent.  There were generic realtor.com links, or links to other sites front pages…all sites with not a rental farm to […]

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Please Do Not Set Up a Free Website Account!

You see the ads everywhere. They are on television, they are on the radio, they are in your magazines. FREE WEBSITES! Simple! Easy! Anyone can do it! Really? I beg to differ. Anyone CAN set up a site, yes. But who is that website benefiting? After saving clients from the headaches that ultimately attach themselves […]

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website design

Project: Hidden Creek Website Design

Here is our recent website design project for Hidden Creek in Covington, LA, a new home development in the area. This real estate website design was for a specific development but it still uses the MLS features that we include to make updating the site maintenance free.  All the client has to do is update […]

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