Full-Service Online Brand Management

Build your online presence on a solid foundation

Do it yourself and save money! Cheap, fast websites! Just input your info and your have a beautiful site creating an income flow in less than 2 hours!! Sound too good to be true? It probably is. Acquiring a website that is built on another person’s software and kept on a shared server that you […]

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WordPress Plugin: NextGen Photo Gallery Tutorial

I just uploaded the latest tutorial for WordPress.  These are meant to make using your WordPress site easier so you can focus on building your site, not on figuring it out. The NextGen Photo Gallery plugin is one of the most popular and supported plugins for photos on WordPress.org.  There is a free version that […]

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Bayou Yoga Website Redesign

Here’s a recent website design project that we created a new custom WordPress-based website to replace their old site that was no longer functioning. This was a little challenging as their content needed to be recovered, but it was a fun project.  Multiple sources had to be researched for the old site, and a separate […]

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It doesn’t matter if YOU like your logo. Really.

When I am working on designing a logo with Greta here at Kickify​, there are many variables to consider, and the most important one is “how is the intended target audience going to react to the logo?”  Really, it doesn’t matter if I think it’s an artistic masterpiece, or if your wife/husband/mother-in-law thinks it’s a […]

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