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Owner, Customer Relations, Project Management, Digital Strategist



Greta_profile_2015 (1)Greta Perry has a career born of her love of new media and intuitive use of technology. Her intent is to provide professional on-line development and brand management services to small businesses. These services will enable those businesses to have the basic tools and training to become truly competitive in the on-line world.

Greta’s background makes her superbly qualified to provide what any business interested in developing their on-line presence requires. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Maine. During her many moves around the U.S as a military wife, she became a professional volunteer, mostly in leadership positions that involved her use of technology and new media. Greta has also spent countless hours in the military non-profit world using her communication skills, both on and off the computer, to achieve positive results. For two years prior to the establishment of Kickify, she was the co-owner of a social media consulting firm. Setting new goals in her life, she decided to launch her own company, GP Online Media/Kickify on February 1, 2012.Read More…


Website Design and Development, Graphic Design, Digital Illustration



Wendy brings to Kickify 19 years of web and graphic design experience. She is a rare find, who excels in both graphic and web design, social media and best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. In the past, Wendy was employed in New York by a mass market children’s publishing company, and she handled all restaurant graphics, advertising, and marketing in her family-owned and operated restaurants in New Jersey.  She has been working as a freelance designer for 15 years and is extremely self-motivated.

Wendy is a Blue Star Mother and has 2 teenage girls at home. Her tireless involvement in the military community, lending her skills and expertise as a volunteer, has made her well known and loved by many. In her spare time, Wendy dreams about horses and longs to own one, paints and reads. Hailing from Long Beach, California and living in multiple locations over the years, Wendy now resides near Tampa, Florida.


Social Media, Content Creation, Blogger, Photography


julie_tnA former journalism teacher with an emphasis on photography and a minor in English, Julie is easily able to create and manage social media for Kickify with her unique flare. She may be in her 40s, but you would never know it as she is that “super adventurous” family woman who is always on the go and sharing her experiences online. She seems to be wired 24-7 and we are not sure she actually ever sleeps. Julie is Texas born, and has resided permanently in the New Orleans area for the past 15 years. In her spare time, she also teaches up to 3 classes a day at the local health club. She is a breast cancer awareness advocate and to date has walked over 200 miles for this cause.


Research, Content Creation, Social Media, Media Relations


kickify-shannon_tnShannon’s media arts internship with Kickify.com led her to join Kickify’s team as its first Tulane University alumnus. Trained in many different media disciplines, including digital design, public relations and marketing, she also brings over a decade of administrative proficiency to the Kickify company. Though originally from Maryland, she has been a Louisiana local for almost twenty years. When not raising her tween and monkeying around as a Tulane Department Admin, Shannon is hard at work at Kickify, enhancing brand marketing through F2F interactions and online communications.


Public Relations Intern


J Passons bio picJoshua Passons is interning with Kickify during the 2016 fall semester prior to his graduation from Tulane University with a degree in Public Relations. During his tenure at Tulane he developed an interest in messaging, through both traditional and social media platforms. A born-and-raised New Orleanian, Joshua has worked in the film industry as both a production and cast assistant in recent years. Upon graduation, he will be relocating to Los Angeles where he hopes to continue working in the entertainment field as a publicist. When not working, you will often find Joshua playing a video game or with his head in a comic book. He uses his knowledge of nerd culture and marketing to his advantage as a seller of toys and comics on sites like Amazon and eBay.