10 Tips on How to Fail on Twitter

Yes…snarky Greta is back to entertain and possibly edumacate you regarding Twitter. If your goal is to fail on Twitter…I strongly suggest you follow each and every of these 10 tips!

1. Stick with the original egg avatar you are given by Twitter. It really helps you stand out above the rest.
2. Don’t even bother with the bio portion – you are awesome anyway.
3. Make sure you sign up for true-twit or some other type of validation. People love taking that extra step to follow you back!
4. Do not follow @kissmygumbo @kickify or @FreeTweetAdvice
5. Add an automated direct message that will fill up the direct message inbox for all who follow you.
6. Be all “Marsha Marsha Marsha.” Make sure that your Twitter stream is all about you!
7. If you have a product/business to sell or promote – never do anything but that. Push push push -especially to people you have never engaged with before!
8. Do not follow back anyone who follows you. You are #winning just by being a presence on Twitter!
9. Be as obnoxious and controversial as you can be. Pick fights whenever possible!
10. Never engage with others via “social media.” Just skip that social part!

Gosh…I could think of about 100 more here…but that should give you a good start! Good Luck!

***Greta is a long time Tweeter and realized how valuable a tool it could be when all the news and weather channels started following her during her evacuation for Gustav. Without mincing words – “she gets” Da Twittah.” Contact her today to see if your business would benefit from Twitter or other social media, or heck, you just want to learn. She is a former teacher and can be your Twitter Yoda too. Hey, the email and phone call is free – you have nothing to lose.

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