Goals: short and long term

It has almost been 2 months since I launched this business and things are going spectacularly – better than I could have ever imagined. Maybe it is karma, maybe it is timing…but something is working in my favor. In order to get this new business started and to settle my previous business relationship, there has been a ton of housekeeping to get done. In the midst of all this, being ever cautious to dot my i’s and cross my t’s, I met with the local SCORE counselors. They encouraged me to settle past business and set my short term and long term goals to measure my success in order to re-evaluate my direction at intervals. How big do I want this business to get? What are the benchmarks I want to meet to consider my business a success? Putting my current clients first and prioritizing my to-do list, I had to stop and really give my business goals some thought.

Instead of writing my 3-6 month goals down, I verbalized them to my husband. He supports my business venture, so spitting them out seemed very cathartic and of course, he would remind me of them (husbands like to do that stuff). This is the first time I think he is really excited about where I can go with my knowledge and he is even coaching me along. Now I need to take my short and long term goals even one step further, with a weekly goal. When I write out my “to-do” lists for the week each Sunday, I am forcing myself to write down one additional goal for the week. Putting things in writing, solidifies things a bit for me. Of course, I never know what a week will bring and this week will be no exception. My short term goal for this week is to reach out to one “random” potential client who could benefit from Kickify’s services. My 3-4 month goal is in the works (can’t tell you), but if any of the large proposals currently out there, get accepted, I will meet them. As for longer term goals, being able to buy more shoes works good (joking – sort of). I actually have my one year goal in my head but can’t share that with anyone or someone may try to bump me from my world domination plan (evil laugh inserted here).

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