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NextGen Photo Gallery Tutorial for WordPress Websites

nextgen wordpress tutorialI just uploaded the NextGen Photo Gallery tutorial for WordPress.  These tutorials are meant to make using your WordPress site easier so you can focus on building your site, not on figuring it out.

NextGen Photo Gallery

The NextGen Photo Gallery plugin is one of the most popular and supported plugins for photos on WordPress.org.  There is a free version that is highly functional, and there is a paid version for those of you that want to take your photo gallery to a more professional level.  Either way, it’s pretty simple to use, and you can get started right here:  WordPress Plugin Tutorial: NextGen Photo Gallery

NextGen is what you would use for a photo gallery, product gallery (if you don’t want to use an ecommerce solution like WooCommerce), or a portfolio of your work.  It’s very flexible, yet it’s simple to use.  Over the years, it’s been fine-tuned to be very user-friendly, so it’s definitely something I recommend to all our clients, no matter their level of expertise.

We use NextGen!

Kickify.com uses NextGen for our work portfolio.  It’s great for showing all the work we’ve done on websites, and graphics (such as logo designs, brochure designs. social media graphics.)  It’s simple for us to upload an image and place it where we want it.  We can then drag it into the correct order we want it to show.  Alt tags, titles, descriptions are all simple to add, and there are even tags for your images to create a tag cloud for SEO purposes.  It’s a very useful tool for designers, artists, photographers, and clients who don’t need a complex ecommerce solution, but want to show off past work on products they’ve sold.

Do you still have questions?

Please review the tutorial and if you have any questions, I’d be very happy to answer them!  You can comment here or on the tutorial page itself.  You can also contact me directly using our contact page!

Thanks!! 🙂


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