Website Redesign Project: Laterre Partners

Laterre Website RedesignThis website redesign was done for our clients Laterre.  While their original site design was pretty modern, it did not allow for them to make changes easily.  We helped them change that.

Making it easier for the client:

We installed WordPress and created a custom theme that was clean and fulfilled the need of getting information about their company out on the web. With WordPress, they can update their own pages, post news in their industry, post about new clients, OR hire us to do all that for them.  With WordPress, the maintenance fees related to us doing the work for them are greatly reduced because it’s easier to make changes and updates.

Saving Time on Updates with this Website Redesign:

Adding new content, new menu items, dropdowns…all are relatively easy tasks that would have been much more difficult and time consuming in a traditional html site.  With their website redesign, updates to content are less frustrating and can be done immediately. They can spend their time writing your articles or blog posts, and not worry about how they are going to get it up on the site. They can focus on the business’s mission, not on being their own webmaster.

Security is another deciding factor:

A website’s server is vulnerable to security breaches at all times.  WordPress has capabilities that allows the user to keep hackers and spammers out, eliminating the spend a lot of money to fix whatever damage they cause.  We can scan for malware, stop brute force attacks, and control annoying comment spam without ever bothering the user.  It doesn’t even cost extra since the script is doing all the work, no human is needed for most of the security work.

Are you ready for a change?

If your site is older, slow, or just hard to update, we can help you.  Just contact Greta at (985) 807-4805, or visit our contact page to email her directly.

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You can view our Website Design portfolio to see what else we have created.


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