Be part of the Kickify Family!

Finding a partner to help make your business successful is a little like interviewing for a new employee.  You need to both have a similar ideas on business and marketing.  You both need to get along well, since you’ll be collaborating on some very important projects that your future depends on.  So consider this an online interview.  We explain who we are, and how we work…and you decide to contact us (and then hire us) or not.  It’s that easy.  

Being part of our family means we take care of you

The Kickify family approach may seem an odd angle for a website, graphic design and online media/marketing company, but after six year in business, it fits us as good as our favorite shoes!

This is not a Godfather-type of family commitment either, you can leave at any time with both legs intact and we can still be friends (we are professionals). Being part of our family simply means you get the best treatment possible at all times. We aren’t just some random person answering your call or email, who won’t remember what your business is or what works for you.

We provide honest advice and truly care about your success.  Over 90% of all our clients are word of mouth, testament that we are doing something right!

Clients as friends! Friends as clients!

Our clients aren’t just names on a list, or a domain name in a spreadsheet, heck – 90% are even Greta’s personal Facebook friends. Whether we have actually met beyond the virtual world or not, we truly consider our clients to be our friends and family.

We aren’t a call center, we aren’t a random freelancer you got off a cheap bidding site, we aren’t a massive company with thousands of employees who will design your site or logo with no regard for your input. Our clients are real people who we talk to, and even spend time with outside of work (hoping to meet a few we have yet to meet).  Click each picture below to see some clients/friends hanging out with Greta .

We are confident that our clients will tell you that Kickify is always supportive of their business, both professionally and personally.  

What do we have to offer you?

Consider us the “easy” button.  Kickify tries to make your experience as simple as possible with our tried and true streamlined process. We are seasoned professionals (and cool Moms – so we keep telling ourselves), who do this for our real,  “I know what I want to do when I grow up,” jobs. Whether you have a startup business or an existing company, we can help.  

What we offer:

  • Digital strategy and project management
  • Help deciding on a business/domain name
  • Logo design/redesign
  • Website design/redesign
  • Anything with graphics (unique business cards , tradeshow banners…truly…anything)
  • Social media graphics/memes and management
  • Online reputation management (personal or business)
  • Claiming digital properties (Google, Yelp and more)

If we don’t do what you need, we have a trusted network of partners to help you out. “One stop shopping” sounds a little tacky, but Kickify is kind of that company. 

How do you get started?

We aren’t asking for your life story, just little bit of information so we can give your our complimentary – no obligation – 20 minute intake call.  After you fill it out, Greta will email you to set up the phone appointment.  Once you speak to each other, and discuss your plans and our ideas on how to accomplish them, you can decide whether to become part of our family!