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New Orleans Law Website: Kristin M. Lausten

Kickify launches a top-notch New Orleans law website When your lawyer friend decides she wants a law website, and your other friends point to Kickify as the solution to deliver the best legal website, you step up to the plate!  One of our mottos at Kickify is, “Friends as clients, clients as friends,” and with Kristin […]
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5 Small Business Breakup Tips

Small Business Breakup Tips Keep it Classy In a world of unicorns and rainbows, there would not be any small business breakups. But the reality is, that at some point in your life, you will break up with a client or business (dumping a client or getting dumped by a client). I’ve come up with 5 […]
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Client Spotlight: Melissa St. Clair’s PaperChaser

We love our “Circle of Trust” colleague & web design client, Melissa Whiteford St. Clair! She’s an amazing Milspouse entrepreneur with her Virtual Assistant company Paper Chaser. She provides administrative services (a large spectrum of them), so the entrepreneurial client can focus on their strengths. Melissa enlists the aid of Kickify to help promote her […]
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