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A Story About Facebook Contests

A Story About Facebook Contests

Once upon a time you could run a contest on Facebook and pretty much do whatever you wanted. Then Facebook got irritated and said no contest, yet people still ran them. One of the most popular contests was the “Share to Win” contest. They were everywhere despite Facebook shutting down pages and warnings that they were completely […]
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Stop Freaking Out About Facebook Reach

STOP Freaking Out About Facebook Page Reach

Everyday on my Facebook timeline I see more and more businesses freaking out, complaining, and whining about the lack of reach their Facebook Page is receiving due to Facebook’s every changing algorithm. When Facebook first became popular, businesses and bloggers created Facebook pages to market their products for free and we all got spoiled! But […]
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It is not you, it is Facebook

Gah – more wonkiness from Facebook over the past few days. First off, my wall is off so I was blessed with a ton of FB birthday private message greetings. Well…try and reply to a bunch in a row and you get the message below. Reply some more and got the message again. I had […]
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Blocking Facebook App & Game Requests

With all of us having to get used to the new Facebook Timeline, it is tough to figure out where everything is. Now how to you ignore all those annoying game and app requests from your darling Facebook friends who were kind enough to think of you for Zyngo Slingo, Smurfs, Farmville and more? TO […]
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Facebook Timeline

By now, everyone should be settled into their Facebook timeline for their Fan Page. Love it or hate it – it is here to stay. If your cover photo is not updated yet, or you have any problems with the dimensions of that or your profile photo, I am linking you to a handy dandy […]
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