Social Media Class

It has taken me a long time to come around to putting the two things I love and excel at together; social media (and anything online for small businesses) and teaching. There are a lot of social media classes being offered in the St. Tammany (Mandeville, Covington, Slidell) area and in New Orleans (Metairie and Kenner) for small businesses to jump in to be taught basics in social media. I’ve been torn for several years how to best approach educating others on how to best online market their small business and think I’ve come up with the perfect solution! Most people already have a social media presence and just need to fine tune it and this class will help them leverage their online social media/web presence. I introduce to you:


  • WHAT: A small group setting where you guide the class to suit your business needs. You get to bring all your social media and online marketing questions with you and pick my brain for an hour. Others may ask questions that will benefit you.
  • HOW MANY: Class size will be capped at 5. Minimum size 3.
  • WHERE: I (or your group) will select a casual venue so we can conduct this over cocktails and/or lunch/appetizers (you pay your own tab).
  • COST: $30 per person for Mandeville, Covington area $40 per person for South Shore and Slidell classes (time is money for me – sorry).
  • WHO: You and other small business owners/managers. Get your pals to come aboard!
  • WHAT TO BRING: This class will not involve computer use. Just bring your list of questions and take notes.
  • HOW: Contact today (985)807-4805 and let’s make it happen!
  • BONUS If you are the class organizer, I will cut you a deal.

Topics On the Table for discussion but not limited to:

  • Return on Investment
  • Branding
  • Goals
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Blogging
  • Online Advertising
  • Website issues
  • Online Goals
  • Geolocation
  • Social media tools
  • Logos
  • Reputation monitoring tools and usage

The proof is in the testimonial!

“Picking Greta’s Brain” Class was a great move for me. The world of social media is the way to go for small business people but can be a real maze of misinformation and misdirection. Greta was able to give me a clear direction and suggestions. She was able to really make me look at what I was doing and see if it was working for my business and then helped me have a path to take to success! I finally feel like I have a direction and know what I was doing right and what I can change. I am looking forward to a follow up in a few months just to check in and maybe take the next step! Thanks, Greta for Kickifying my Business!

Celeste Haar – Owner/Artist/MetryChick