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This is a fun one - you can poke around on Google images or even Pinterest to find ideas for a logo "look and feel." It does not have to be in your industry. This is not required but helpful. Realist, minimalist, fun, serious...so we get something that suits you best. Even a few examples are helpful. For instance, we had one client that liked watercolor and Japanese art and gave us a few pictures. This can also help us understand the style of font.

Insert links (you can copy and paste from your browser) and notes on what exactly you like/dislike about the logo on the page:

Upload any images you want to share:


Are there any symbols that should be included in your logo design? The sky is the limit with our custom capabilities and the name itself may help us come to this conclusion. But go ahead and give us any ideas and we will see what sticks. We just finished a logo for someone obsessed with seahorses and we made her S a seahorse.

Insert links and notes on what symbol you are referring to:

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Are there any colors that you feel should be included in your logo? We can go back to Pinterest for this one, or Google, if you like. Pantone is the color standard and also has a color picker tool here.

Sometimes a color choice would be obvious - blue for a dive shop, or pink for a little girls salon. However, people don't always want obvious, so if you can share the colors that you feel energize your business with your own unique style, we will include them in the logo.

Feel free to list colors, Pantone color numbers, or links to the color (with some direction of where to look) below:

Upload any images containing your desired colors you want to share: