Mini Website

Here at Kickify we deal with many start-up businesses and we would much rather have everyone start with their best “foot or shoe” (pun intended) forward. Lots of people will gravitate towards low cost or free sites to start their web presence. When they get more serious, they have buyers remorse and have to hire a someone to move it and/or start fresh.


  • Complete digital ownership. You buy your own domain and have total control of the website from now until forever.
  • If you are going to start small – start right!
  • Whether you change you business name or decide to add a store later, you can it from this website.
  • You will avoid transfer fees and headaches when you decide to move to your own domain and take your training wheels off to graduate to a real website.
  • A .com email address is very professional.
  • Your web identity and branding should be all yours and not some other company’s. Talking about SEO here Search Engine Optimization.
  • WordPress is most user friendly and popular Content Management System (CMS) out there. This means you can manage it yourself once we are done on our end. Of course we are also here for you if you need technical help or want to expand and redesign it later.
  • Save you money and lots of headaches.
  • Professional!



Basic Mini Website

1 page website based on a content management system: This is the framework for the entry way into your own web presence and branding.

  • Design options: We will offer you a menu of colors and fonts to make your experience more streamlined
  • Direction on how to update your website
  • 1 month unlimited email support
  • 1 year of hosting. Hosting package includes up to 10 domains, up to 25 email accounts, 1 GB Transfer, 1 GB Disk Space, 1 Database
  • Plugins for spam, SEO and backup

Mini Website Add-ons

Blog and blog plugins onto mini website
Custom colors not on menu
Custom font not on menu
Email address setups for your domain name

Available to Complement Your Mini Website:

Custom Logo
Business Cards
Twitter Header and Background
Facebook Graphics
LinkedIn Cover Image