Larry Katz, Dots Diner

I have used Kickify for years now. Previous to that, I had been handling the social media alone, and to be frank, not very successfully. Well, when you hire them, you not only get Greta but her great team. The best thing about them is that once they understand your goals, they are self starters, and work with little or no direct supervision and always do the right thing. For a very busy person, you can rest assured that your stated goals are their goals and while you can’t walk away, you can sleep easier at night.

My Facebook fans have grown by 1000% since we began and they are able to keep our brand first and foremost in the minds of the decision makers in our community.

They are easy to reach, react quickly and the best thing is that since I have hired them, Social Media is just one less thing I have to worry about. I leave that to them and am able to concentrate on my restaurants.

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