Professional Blogging & Writing

mad-skillz We have mad writing skillz at Kickify! Just to give you a little insight here, yours truly is actually college edumacated (though not using my true degree). I was even published before Kickify was a sparkle in my eye and have a thesis sitting on a bookshelf. I’ve been a blogger since 2004 and have even been a professional blogger and freelance writer. As for the rest of the Kickify team – all bloggers! One of our team members was even a journalism professor. So, if you are looking for someone to write or blog for your company…Kickify is your place. We also handle social media accounts and heck – we make you sound as awesome as you are without grammatical errors!

I understand this post was not written in true journal publishing format, but this is my true personality coming out in my personal blogging style and brand. I promise, I know how to write correctly 🙂