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Kickify’s Online Branding Services

Our branding services focus on the areas that will benefit your business the most. Branding focuses on any media that you can get your message or your brand out there in front of potential clients, such as websites, social media, graphic design, and pay per click advertising. Optimizing your website for search engines as well as reputation management is also a vital part of branding. We specialize in the following:

Website Design

Website & Content Creation, Website Maintenance

We do it all…design, update, fix and maintain websites. WE can even write your website content.

No matter how big or small your website design needs are, from a simple information-only or advertising site to a massive e-commerce site…we have you covered!

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Social Media Services

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+…

We can manage your social media campaigns, maintain your presence, build your following, and develop your short and long term social media strategies. Our team can do all the work, or assist you with content creation and scheduling.

Our Social Media experts are ready to make you famous!

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Graphic Design

Logo Creation, Business Graphics…

Everyone needs a logo and business cards to brand themselves! Without them you would be lost in a sea of names.

We can take your logo and create graphics and infographics for your website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

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PPC Advertising

Google AdWords, Yahoo! Ads, Pay Per Click…

Our highly successful team will develop and maintain your business Pay-Per-Click Campaign so you won’t have to!

With proper planning and application, we can put your business, products or services at the top of that Google Page so you get noticed!

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Search Engine Optimization

Google, Yahoo, Bing…

We help your business show up higher on the Search Engine Results Pages so your target audience can find you. If they can’t find you, you can’t make money!

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Online Reputation Management

Yelp, Yahoo, Google Reviews

People usually only write reviews after a bad experience. We watch your reviews and help balance them by involving existing customers that have had positive experiences.

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What is Kickify? And What Do We Do?

Kickify specializes in building an online business presence for businesses and individuals so they can succeed in today’s fast moving world. We customize our services to fit the needs of each client. Our goal is for your business/brand to reach your goals and claim success! You have come to the right place whether you just need a little help or a lot. We truly care about the small business. Making you happy and successful, makes us happy and successful!

What does that mean?

We utilize the exact online tools and resources you and your business need to succeed. These services range from establishing an online presence for a new business to getting an existing business online to expand their horizons.

We build your business presence using an assortment of organic and ethical techniques that will continue to contribute to the success of your business for years to come.

kickify services

What do we do?

We handle the project management of all the services we offer. We meet with you and establish your unique needs and make a plan of action. Our team works together to create, promote and build your online presence.

We can also offer project management services for in-progress projects that might have gone astray and need more structure.

What services do we offer?

A business presence is not confined to online activity. You need to blend both the online and offline worlds when building a business. In order to help you do this, we offer services that might not appear to be related, but actually are vital to each other.  We are committed to making sure you succeed, and that requires keeping the big picture in mind at all times.

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Our Services:

Website DesignSocial Media GraphicsTwitter Header and BackgroundFacebook Cover/Profile GraphicsLinkedIn Profile GraphicsSocial Media Strategy and Implementation Search Engine Optimization (SEO) BoostingOnline Advertising (Pay Per Click, Google, Facebook, etc.)Geolocation and Reputation ManagementProject ManagementLogo DesignBusiness Card Set up and PrintingContent Creation


 Contact Greta@Kickify.com or call (985) 807-4805 for your free consultation.

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