Small Business Start Up Packages

Kickify works with all sizes of business, and understand that the first few steps are sometimes the most overwhelming and potentially $costly$ steps for a start up business.  We accept credit cards and are even willing to work with you on payment plans. You could be closer to a Kickify professional logo and website than you think! You may even be able to deduct up to 5K of startup expenses for your business. No hard sells (yuck). 

“As a startup business, you are able to deduct up to $5,000 of expenses for the first year. This can include: a new website, logo design, business cards and anything you need to market your business. ”

~Naseem Matteson, Small Business ABC’s & Kickify’s awesome virtual bookkeeper~

The Kickify Difference

We get it, if we weren’t in this business, we might consider the cheapest route of brand naming, logo and website design too.TRUST US from our experience of working with clients for many years, do not take that path. We have clients who shamefully wear the t-shirt that says, “I should have done it right from the beginning.” Many of our current clients had cut corners at some point by having their cousin’s brother’s neighbor, who took a class in graphic design or has the “knack” for web design showcasing their business.  You would not Team Kickify putting a new roof on your home, cutting your hair or performing surgery. Would you? Why would you do that with your business?

Once you pay for your logo or website from Kickify – it is yours!  We only design websites that can be moved to another server later on,  Most of the solution websites that require you to be married to  them for all eternity.  As for logo design – you get ALL the correct file formats too!

Military and Non-Profit

Don’t forget to ask about the extra Kickify love we will give you. 

We are in this for the long haul

We specialize in personal attention to your business needs. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and have references that will tell you the same.

Our clients trust us, and we love that we have their confidence!

You speak directly to us. No call centers!

Call us today, and you’ll get Greta on the phone. Call when you have an issue or a question, and you’ll get Greta on the phone. If you need assistance of a geeky nature, you’ll get Wendy on the phone. We won’t make you explain who you are, what your needs are, etc. We know you, we know your business, and we are there when you need us.

Where should you get started?  We recommend at the beginning!

Start up packages include:

There are many other add-ons that can be included based on your business needs.