Julie Clements

Julie Clements is a former journalism teacher with an emphasis on photography and a minor in English, and is easily able to create and manage social media for Kickify with her unique flare. She may be just 50, but you would never know it as she is that “super adventurous” family woman who is always on the go and sharing her experiences online with her brilliant photography and writing. She seems to be wired 24-7 and we are not sure she actually ever sleeps. Julie is Texas born, and has resided permanently in the New Orleans area for the past 20 years. In her spare time, she also teaches up to 3 classes a day at the local health club. She is a breast cancer awareness advocate and to date has walked over 200 miles for this cause. You can check out her blog jknowsnola.com. She has been with Kickify since it started.

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