Mathieu Galy

Mathieu Galy provides paid search management for Kickify’s client. Whether you want to advertise on Google Adwords (Google Adwords Certified), Bing, Yahoo Gemini, YouTube or any social paid platform, Mathieu can manage them all for you and your business. Mathieu studied law at Toulouse Universit in Toulouse, France. After he graduated, he earned a Masters Degree in International Marketing from the Graduate School of Management in Paris, France.

Mathieu is an internationally minded individual with strong social skills, strong digital marketing experience, and is fluent in both French and English. He is a French native and has worked in marketing for the past 7 years. After working for 3 years in Paris, France, Mathieu moved to New Orleans, where he fell in love with the city, its food, its culture, its people. During almost 5 years, Mathieu offered his marketing services to well known agencies, before being hired by Morris Bart for which he managed all their digital marketing.

Mathieu currently lives in the Netherlands for his spouse’s job and is now offering the virtual best in digital marketing management for Kickify’s clients.

Take a minute to get to know Mathieu better:
Favorite color: Blue, something that reminds me of the sky and endless possibilities.
Favorite food: Gumbo. I could eat it all day!
Favorite music: Pop. I love the pop culture, but don’t get me wrong I also love my French old classics like Edith Piaf.
Favorite animal: All of them. I just love animals. I have an English Bulldog, Fluffy, with all the fun characteristics of the breed: couch potato, snoring, etc. and being a big teddy bear.
Why marketing? Because marketing is always evolving, never boring.

Tips for your future clients? Think outside the box, don’t expect results overnight. Good marketing takes time.

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