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About your Vector Image Logo

Your Kickify logo is designed in a vector format, which basically means it can be resized to any size and not lose it’s quality.

There are two types of images, vector and raster.  Here is a very simple explanation of both:

What is a Vector Image?

A vector graphic uses mathematical equations to draw shapes. Independent “points” are established and the computer uses math to fill in the spaces, or draw lines.

Fonts and logos are the most popular types of vector images.

What is a Raster Image?


A raster graphic is an image made of pixels, tiny squares of color information.

A photograph is the most common type of raster image.


The files in your zipped collection:

You will receive originals, the fonts used, and files for print and for the web.

Print files will include ai, pdf, eps and jpeg.

  • Your printer will know what to do with these files.  If they require something else, please let us know.

Web files will include jpeg and png in assorted sizes.

  • JPEG have a solid background.  If you aren’t working on a colored background, you can use this option.
  • PNG have a transparent background, and will fit in more places without covering other elements.

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